RedmoonTwisted's rules

As you all know, you can not violate any rules. If you do violate one of the following rules, you can get a warning, suspension or even a permanent ban! If you see anyone violate one of the rules below, please mail with a screenshot or your story. Ofcourse we want to hear both sides of the story.

The rules are simple:
1. Do not exploit any ingame bugs and do not use any program to hack or anything in that matter. We also do NOT accept ANY clientside modifications or anything in that matter which makes the gameplay easier. You get cought? You get a 100 level reduction or worse.

2. Do not say harmfull or discriminating things to a player or a group of players(/people). We really don't accept any kind of racism. This means ingame and on the forums. (You know have to behave.)

3. Character trading must be aproved by one of the GM's. If you do it on your own and one the GM's finds out about the trade, both of the characters will be suspended for a certain time.

4. The PK-system is a part of the game, but do NOT abuse this system by PK-ing players constantly.

5. Do NOT lie to GM's or GC's, just be honest and do not play games with GM's or GC's.

6. Do not bother GM's by constantly asking for egg's and help. The GM's are doing the best they can, so they will help you whenever they have time for you. Always feel free to mail

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